Want To Know More About What Composites Are And How They Are Made?

Introducing CompositesLabThe online guide to composites

What is CompositesLab?

CompositesLab is meant to be a resource for everyone who has an interest in composites: the architect considering using composites in their next project, the high school student who needs a primer on the topic before writing a paper, and the engineer who is only vaguely familiar with composites and needs more real life examples to understand them. The website includes   information about what composites are,  their benefits,  and how they compare to other materials.

Why CompositesLab?

We hope this site provides everyone with valuable content about composites. Before CompositesLab, there was no central online resource dedicated to composites. As the voice of the composites industry, the American Composites Manufacturers Association felt compelled to change that. Our mission is to educate others about composites and their many benefits and uses.

Composites are the material of the future. They solve problems, raise performance levels and enable the development of new innovations. This website is one step in making sure the world knows about these amazing materials.



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