Scott Bader recently donated £200 to Kangaroo’s Charity in Sussex. A competition was set up by the company, allowing people to vote for a charity of their choice, with the winning charity being awarded £200. Kangaroo’s charity from Sussex won the competition and were delighted with the donation. Samantha Norgate, a spokesperson for the charity responded,
“We were delighted when we received a £200 donation from Scott Bader’s Marketing department following their Facebook charity competition in August. Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to vote and thank you Scott Bader for your donation. The money we received enabled us to take a group of 18 young children with disabilities to Blackberry Farm in East Sussex, where they had a fantastic day out, visiting the animals and enjoying playing in the playground and soft play area.”Kangaroos

We wish everyone at Kangaroo’s the best.

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