Tips To Staying Focused At Work This Summer


Summertime Job Tip #1: Crack a Window

One of the hardest parts of spring is not being able to enjoy those balmy breezes during the work day. And most of us work in corporate-owned office buildings, meaning that while it’s 75 or 80 outside, it’s probably more like 55 degrees inside. If you’ve got access to a window, or sit close to someone with a window, open it up for a bit during the day. It might not be quite as good as actually being outside, but it’s close, and can help you feel as though you’re actually experiencing the warmer weather. (Just make sure you check with your building supervisor first, as certain areas of the building, such as server rooms, need to be kept a certain temperature.) Being able to enjoy the fresh air from your desk will allow you to focus on your work, rather than gazing forlornly out at the sun.

Summertime Job Tip #2: Get Outside During the Work Day

Another way to cope with spring fever is to schedule some time outside during your work day. It’ll be much easier to head into the office in the morning if you know you’re going to talk a walk to the park during your lunch hour. You might even find yourself more motivated to complete your tasks if you know you’ll be heading outside for a short walk in a few hours. (And it’s been proven that some form of exercise during the day can boost your mental health, which is another bonus.)

Summertime Job Tip #3: Incorporate The Outdoors Into Your Work

The more you can incorporate the outdoors into your work this time of year, the happier you’ll be, and the less likely you’ll be to start daydreaming about the beach instead of working on your progress reports. Need to meet with coworkers? See if they want to run across the street to get coffee, or take a walk around the block while you strategize. Want to reconnect with clients? Schedule a lunch at a restaurant with a patio. You’ll kill two birds with one stone by getting work done while you enjoy the weather. And chances are your colleagues, clients and vendors will jump at the chance to get outside just as much as you will. (In fact, it might just be a great way to catch up with someone who’s been avoidant or hard to get a hold of.)

Summertime Job Tip #4: Make the Most of Your Time Off

It’s always tempting to stay in bed for an extra hour on a Saturday morning, or to pass the hours watching reality TV. (Or is that just me?) But now that the weather is nice, seize the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors. Leave your house or apartment, get out into nature, and go hiking, biking, walking … whatever tickles our fancy. Really getting outside in the evenings and on the weekends will make it easier to focus when you return to the office on Monday.

Summertime Job Tip #5: Plan a Vacation

It’s summer, the one time of year when the hectic corporate pace slows down a bit. People are expected to take time off during the summer, and you should take advantage of it. You don’t have to break the bank – planning a road trip to visit friends or renting a cottage in a neighboring county can be an inexpensive way to take a break from work and enjoy the summer. And you’ll be more motivated to work hard and get your tasks done if you know you’ve got a nice reward, like a summer break, on the horizon to look forward to.

Noël Rozny

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