Outcome AGM – Charity

Outcome AGM – All proposals approved and the two successful charities to receive £25,000 each are:

  • Trust for Africa’s Orphans
  • Mondo Challenge Foundation

Trust for Africa’s Orphans – to (a) purchase equipment and materials to train school girls in the Dokolo district in Uganda to produce affordable re-usable sanitary pads; (b) educate them about the implications of menstruation and c) build two girls-only latrines. Initially 5000 girls will benefit through no longer missing school every month due to the stigma associated with menstruation or not having suitable sanitary wear.

The Mondo Challenge Foundation – to build a 2 storey hostel facility with 6 dormitories, kitchen, dining hall, utility room and bathroom. This will enable 30 girls each year to continue in secondary education for a further 2 years. Long and treacherous journeys to school mean that girls tend not to go on to secondary education, but a hostel, with an expected life of 20 years for the building, will ultimately provide 630 girls with the opportunity to continue their education.

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