A Plot For All Ages



(National Allotments Week 10th – 16th August)

Roger Sage has had a Scott Bader allotment plot since Feb 2014.  When his 9 year old grandson began to show an interest in gardening, he started to accompany Roger to his plot.  Roger explains how his grandson helps him out.

“He quite surprisingly got involved in the planning of what we wanted to do from the start and we decided to cordon it off into four sections and made pathways through. His initial task was to paint all the timber for the pathways and then after a lesson on using a drill, he had to drill holes in both ends of the timbers and secure them with screws to the posts.”

“Once the pathways were in place we both started  digging and weeding , and even though this was an arduous task he never complained. Once complete we planted our crops; carrots, parsnip, onions, potatoes and leeks etc.”

“Due to the fact that he had planted the seeds he would get quite excited when the seeds started to come through as plants. What surprised his mum was he would now eat vegetable that he would not touch before, surprising they taste better when you grow them yourself.”

Roger and his grandson still work hard on the allotment on most Saturdays.  Roger is making the most of the one on one time he spend with his grandson doing something we both enjoy. 

Roger’s grandson was given two pumpkin  seeds from school for a grow your own pumpkin project. They are currently trying to grow the ‘world’s biggest’ pumpkin! Planted in the allotment, one seed has set….although it does have little way yet to go!


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