Monthly Archives: August 2015

Want To Know More About What Composites Are And How They Are Made?

Introducing CompositesLab – The online guide to composites What is CompositesLab? CompositesLab is meant to be a resource for everyone who has an interest in composites: the architect considering using composites in their next project, the high school student who needs … Read More

A Plot For All Ages

  (National Allotments Week 10th – 16th August) Roger Sage has had a Scott Bader allotment plot since Feb 2014.  When his 9 year old grandson began to show an interest in gardening, he started to accompany Roger to his … Read More

Keeping Good Company, a special film about a special company

  ‘Keeping Good Company’ is a wonderful new film encapsulating Scott Bader’s amazing journey through time; from its humble beginnings through to where it is today. The film is a reminder of what it is that makes Scott Bader a … Read More